Our Partner’s Success


S and BTS
Joint Venture

In 2017, SoftBank Corporation, a global leader in technology and communications and BTS, one of the most advanced international carriers, launched the joint venture S and BTS, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Through S and BTS, customers are connected to our extensive network of global partners as well our leading business and technology experts, all via single connection.

A Global Partner

S and BTS combines the complementary strengths of its parent corporations in telecommunications, e-commerce, internet and technology services, and brings a diverse portfolio of hubbing, cloud and managed services, as a key player in the global marketplace.

S and BTS provides a robust digital ecosystem that is equipped for the future with the infrastructure that can cope with customers’ demands for intelligence, scalability and flexibility.

Our Partner’s Success Drives our Success

S and BTS is a technology solutions company in the telecommunications space. We empower our partners by providing a state-of-the-art platform and a fully scalable solution that helps customers evolve their business.

S and BTS is focused on innovation within the industry; creating new products and services to add to our expanding portfolio of managed services, and also providing solutions to the issues plaguing our industry such as fraud.