Over 180 routes

Digital Voice Services

Network & Infrastructure

High-quality fixed and mobile operators require a reliable and well interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the highest voice end-user experience.
If you seek a global voice transit solution, which offers a high level of reliability through a dedicated service, S and BTS is the answer.


The S and BTS’ voice network supports a large number of VoIP, VoIPX and TDM interconnects from around the world, combining modern and legacy infrastructure seamlessly integrated.

The network is monitored 24/7 with state-of-the art analytical tools and backed up by award winning customer service.

We have over 180 CLI-certified direct routes to cover almost 100 countries worldwide, allowing us to maintain quality, coverage and cost, and pass these benefits onto our customers.

High Quality Experience

A dedicated Traffic Management Team ensures an effective optimization of the routing capabilities for customers and suppliers.

NOC facilities located in Japan, Guatemala, U.S.A and Spain provide supervision and monitoring of voice traffic in real time, in order to guarantee the level of quality required by Carriers with 24/7 coverage.

S and BTS’ advanced routing algorithms utilize parameters such as ALOC, ASR, NER, ABR and rate history in order to maximize Quality of Service expected by our valued partners.

Voice Termination Services

Our Voice Termination comprises three service levels to meet the unique cost and quality objectives of our customers, so you always have access to the options you need.

We offer three distinct service classes (PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER) to enable you to balance cost and quality depending on your business model.

S and BTS has the scale and efficiency to help operators from all segments of the industry to succeed with voice termination products that deliver a near unlimited global footprint, as well as advanced features to fit your business requirements.

Created with mobile network operators, over-the-top (OTT) players and other retail service providers in mind, the premium call quality of the PLATINUM Service is what is required for success. We offer 100% direct routing to over 400 global destinations. Calling line identification (CLI) assured delivery to over 150+ mobile destinations. Our PLATINUM Service also gives you complete code coverage, including support for roaming ranges, number portability and priority customer support. We also provide QoS monitoring along with the highest priority customer support. We offer convenient international access via TDM, IP and IPX access points worldwide.

Highest Quality with guaranteed features.

Designed for mobile operators, Tier 1 OTTs.

Supported by over 150 direct routes to mobile and fixed operators globally.

CLI & Fax guaranteed.

24/7 Trouble Ticket intake.

Routing is 100% managed by the Traffic Management Team.

Ideally suited for retail/wholesale and incumbent carriers, the GOLD Service is for those who are looking for high-quality call completion at a competitive price. By harnessing our extensive pool of Direct routes, along with our other high-quality interconnects, we can optimise costs and quality to deliver savings to our customers.

Balance Quality and cost objetives.

Designed for hybrid detail/wholesale Carriers, Tier 2 and incumbed Carriers.

Supported by over 400 direct routes to mobile and fixed operators globally.

CLI & Fax guaranteed.

24/7 Trouble Ticket intake.

Quality based algorithm routing.

Designed for Carriers with “wholesale-type” traffic requirements including Tier II and III resellers, our SILVER Service delivers consistent quality at a cost-effective price. This product is able to maximise quality and price by leveraging our supply of incumbent and regional carriers, mobile network operators and established resellers.

Reliable and affordable call termination.

Designed for hybrid Carriers with wholesale Traffic requirements and Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Minimum ASR, ACD and maximum price parameters set per destination.

CLI & Fax guaranteed.

24/7 Trouble Ticket intake.

Routing is entirely managed by Colossus (LCR).


The S and BTS Platform is a state-of-the-art OSS/BSS solution, fully scalable to help customers evolve their business. A full featured solution that delivers significant advantages including increased revenues and productivity, reduced technology risk, geographic redundancy and real time disaster recovery.

We have developed a suite of cloud-based applications with unparalleled performance, based on the foundation of SIP 302 redirect. This approach allows S and BTS to house the platform modules in a secure cloud infrastructure.