Wholesaler-to-Wholesaler invoice validation requires comparing the vendor billed invoice with the wholesaler’s rate structure, rating increments, rounding, minutes, dollars and identifying variations by gathering
details to support disputes.

A visual interface that allows the back-office personnel to easily process invoices, identify any variations, and utilize a drill down option to investigate at call level or summary level.

After a detailed analysis based on customizable threshold parametrization, the system is ready to put together a comprehensive and compelling dispute package containing the details.

Operational Efficiency

by automating the invoices reconciliation process, it provides the pool of trained resources a tool to resolve exceptions, disputed transactions in a faster and precise manner.


  • Contractual rates vs. actual rates
  • Billing Period
  • IP Sources
  • Switch vs. invoice volume
  • Jurisdiction validation (inter/intra state,LATA, etc.)
  • Termination validation (mobile or landline)
  • Rated CDRs to invoice totals (expense, volumes, etc.)
  • Cost to revenue or margin audit.

The module combines complex business rules and Intelligence to guarantee the profit margins.

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