Ricardo Olloqui's profile picture Ricardo Olloqui Chief Executive Officer
Rafael Olloqui's profile picture Rafael Olloqui Managing Director
Makoto Imaizumi's profile picture Makoto Imaizumi Chief Operating Officer
Daichi Nozaki's profile picture Daichi Nozaki Managing Director
Luis Montero's profile picture Luis Montero Vice President of Sales lmontero@sbtsglobal.io
Michel Faleni's profile picture Michel Faleni Global Vice President of Emerging Services mfaleni@sbtsglobal.io
Andrés Proaño's profile picture Andres Proano Managing Director aproano@sbtsglobal.io
Jesús Mendía's profile picture Jesús Mendía Vice President of Traffic Management jmendia@sbtsglobal.io
Norioki Sekiguchi's profile picture Norioki Sekiguchi Managing Director norioki.sekiguchi@sbtsglobal.io
Yusuke Nakanishi's profile picture Yusuke Nakanishi Chief Financial Officer yusuke.nakanish@sbtsglobal.io
Yosuke Fujikawa's profile picture Yosuke Fujikawa Vice President of Business Development & Strategy yosuke.fujikawa@sbtsglobal.io

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