Service name: 
Philippine 500min Calling Card for PLDT/Smart/SUN2.5

Issuer name and address:
S and BTS Global Corp.

Contact information for inquiries and complaints:

Customer service:
03-3981-2381 (Cosmic Corp.)

Working hours:
Mon - Fri 10:00 – 17:00

1000 - Philippines 500 min Calling Card
Accepted amounts and way of payments:
    • 1,000 yen.
    • One year from the ID creation by the issuer (the expiration date is noted on the back of a card).
    • Good for 30 days from the first use until the expiration date.
Usage area: 
    • Regions that can be accessed by our designated access numbers.
Unused balance check method:
    • By checking the voice guidance after dialing access number or by inquiring with the customer service center.

Important notes

  • Calls need to be made from "push-tone" system phones.
  • Pink colored public pay-phone cannot connect to the access numbers.
  • When the balance is used up, a call will be cut off automatically.
  • Please make a call with your caller ID. A call without your caller ID will cannot be connected.
  • Your phone number and ID number will automatically be registered on the first use. No need to enter the same ID number for a second call.
  • One phone number per one ID number. Cannot use multiple phones for one ID number nor multiple ID numbers for one phone.
  • Can be used for calls only to PLDT, Smart, and Sun Cellular.
  • Can make calls up to five contact numbers only in the Philippines. A call to sixth number will be restricted.
  • Cards cannot be replaced, reissued, refunded or redeemed for cash.
  • Service specifications and rates may be revised without notice.
  • S and BTS Global will not be responsible if a card get damaged, stolen, used by a third party or used illegally.