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Digital Transformation is driving incredible change across all industries. We will meet your specific needs depending on our collaboration approach.

Enrich your product portfolio and grow revenues, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate your time to market with the S and BTS solutions.

Our business aims are:

  • Accelerating growth for our partners
  • Expanding our global footprint
  • Increasing value and delivering a superior experience to new and existing customers

Our competitive pricing is designed to deliver a competitive edge in winning business

Advanced Routing: Advanced routing allows customers to make business decisions in real-time, improving business margin, assuring voice quality and traffic optimization in automatic or manual mode.

Business Dashboard: Post-processing traffic management platform that enables network operators & carriers to optimize network performance and QoS with a full view of current and historic network-traffic.

Flexible Billing: A convergent billing system with bilateral management, customized reporting capability, multi-currency with automatic rate conversion, and automatic invoice generation

Quality Monitoring: A real-time switch traffic visualization that facilitates immediate problem detection and troubleshooting. It operates independently of the protocols used for calls.

Invoice Reconciliation: A visual interface that allows the back-office personnel to easily process invoices, identify any variations, and utilize a drill down option to investigate at call level or summary level. After a detailed analysis and customizable threshold application, the system is ready to put together a comprehensive and compelling dispute package containing the details.

Fraud Control: A comprehensive ‘Health Check’ functionality to detect various fraudulent issues and raise red flags by performing tests and real time monitoring to improve the false positive rate of a detection and
prevention strategy.

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