PLATINUM: The Best Call Quality

For mobile network operators, over-the-top (OTT) players and other retail service providers, premium call quality is what drives your business.

We offer 100% direct routing assurance to 400 global destinations. Calling line identification (CLI) assured delivery to over 150+ mobile destinations. PLATINUM also brings you complete code coverage, including support for roaming ranges, number portability and priority customer support. We also provide QoS monitoring along with the highest priority customer support.

PLATINUM Voice provides the highest quality voice termination with higher than-market-level Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER) plus advanced features such as guaranteed CLI and roaming and support for international voice traffic on roaming number ranges (MSRN) to all mobile destinations worldwide. . We offer convenient international access via TDM, IP and IPX access points worldwide.

Take advantage of the same extensive global footprint and high quality of PLATINUM Voice and now add the dramatic difference of HD voice service through our PLATINUM Voice over IPX service offering. HD Voice uses a higher fidelity codec to deliver a broader sound spectrum while minimizing background noise. The result: more productive and potentially longer calls.

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