Quality Monitoring Module provides you with real time data and detailed quality of services information that allows you to get familiar with the daily management tasks, decide promptly, and react appropriately.

This module was designed as real time visualization of the activity on each interconnected carrier.

Processed data is accessible via web in the form of tables representing predetermined carrier trunks, showing you the current status of completing calls in real time.

your quality of services

by leveraging in a unique technology to establish a full control over voice service performance.


  • Real time visibility.
  • Color-coding for immediate recognition.
  • Call flow statistics in real time.
  • Conversation time visualization per link.
  • Status of completing calls, ANI/DNI and duration of the call.
  • Status of quality of Services values in current ASR, ALOC and CPS.
  • IP Information: Port for each call on IP connected.
  • SS7 Information: Point-code / CIC for each call on TDM interconnections.
  • Search functionality to locate and track call flow of a specific phone number.
  • Real time access to CDRs
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