Technological Solutions

Automation is the key to a successful business in our competitive industry; opportunities are fleeting, and Carriers must be nimble to take advantage. This is the key to the S and BTS Platform solution.

Taking advantage of advanced routing algorithms looking not only at price, but also quality parameters, the S and BTS platform is able to route traffic optimally every time; maximizing margin and quality for the Carrier.

S and BTS’ suite of OSS/BSS, switching and anti-fraud solutions enable users to quickly and efficiently manage and optimize their Voice business with less resources, complexity and cost. We want to help you meet your business goals by delivering our products and services as part of your customer solutions.

Our platform is a post-processing traffic management solution that enables network operators and Carriers to optimize network performance. The system delivers business intelligence that supports planning, management and optimization while increasing visibility.

Hard & Soft Swap Control

OBR, Effective & Flat Rates

Real Time Billing

Automatic Antifraud

Trouble Tickets

Algorithmic Routing

Platform Services

Managing day-to-day business is becoming more costly and time consuming. Many of the biggest Carriers in our industry are looking to outside vendors such as S and BTS to provide the infrastructure and tools with which to manage their business. The cost savings and advanced capabilities of using our platform services are an excellent way to get the most out of your business.

Advanced Routing

Make business decisions in real-time, maximizing margin/revenue, while assuring voice quality in both automatic or manual modes.

S and BTS provides an intuitive, simple and complete solution that allows the Carrier and their customers to minimize time spent on back-end processing, in order to focus on increasing sales, customer satisfaction and business retention. This tool allows the user to configure, operate and maintain numerous routing tables, to increase flexibility for customers.

The solution includes a swap management tool to manage bilateral deals from inception to completion. The bilateral tool uses smart analytics to keep everything in balance throughout the life of the deal; that is to say not allowing you to over send minutes/revenue/margin compared to your partner.

Business Dashboard

Traffic Management Platform used to optimize network performance and QoS with a full view of current and historic data.

We offer a powerful interactive web application that will help Customers manage traffic effectively and provide updated data and detailed information that will aid the management team in making important decisions regarding their business.

The application is able to “drill-down” to the CDR level in a matter of seconds. This unparalleled ability to process and view CDRs in near real-time gives the user the ability to manage traffic volumes, locate and troubleshoot potential problems, and compare route performance.

Flexible Billing

Convergent billing system with bilateral management, customized reporting capabilities, multi-currency with automatic rate conversion and invoice generation.

The Billing Module allows users to consult historical and current data used by the platform to create usage, traffic and margin reports both using settlement and net (bilateral) rates. This module uses a mediation process and a proven architecture to capture CDRs, compiled from the switch(s) deployed in your global network and securely stores them for processing and audits.

By leveraging a powerful platform that allows you to automate processes, and provides accurate information in real time, allowing optimized financial management and manage commitments with customers and providers.

Invoice Reconciliation

Visual interface that allows the back-office personnel to easily process invoices, identify any variations, and utilize a drill down option to investigate at call level or summary level.

This module helps Carriers improve operational efficiency by automating the invoice reconciliation process and provides a tool to resolve exceptions and disputed transactions in a fast and precise manner.

Invoice validation requires comparison of many variables including rating increments, rounding, time zone and currency in order to identify possible disputes; this module makes this task easier. After a detailed analysis based on customizable parameters, the system can create a comprehensive and compelling dispute package containing all details needed for both parties.

Quality Monitoring

Provides real time data outlining detailed quality of service information in order to give users the ability to proactively identify and solve potential/actual issues with the quality of routes.

This module is designed as a real time visualization of the quality statistics for all interconnected Carriers to assure the best possible QoS by leveraging unique technologies to establish minimum performance parameters and ensuring they are achieved.

Platform Services

Platform Services

Anti-Fraud Services

Voice fraud hurts profitability and the sustainability of carrier businesses. Taking action to address Voice Fraud is critical to the long-term success of all players in the industry. Hard won margin can disappear without a viable anti-fraud strategy. In this regard, S and BTS offers a solution to combat fraud that consist of four main components: blocking, alerting, reporting, and advising.

S and BTS platform users have full access to our Anti-Fraud Module as part of their OSS/BSS solution deployment. Our service provides a seamless fraud solution by combining early detection of fraud activities and real-time blocking of traffic to maximize rapid response. Suspicious traffic is detected when the pre-set parameters are breached, the system will then dynamically configure the SBC to stop the traffic within minutes.

Our comprehensive solution enables you to block suspicious A or B numbers, recognize fraudulent traffic patterns, understand user behaviors & take action to protect your profits & reputation.


One of our founders, BTS, is a permanent member of the i3forum fraud group, where information about the new threats and suspicious activities is shared among trusted participants.


Our system uses machine learning to determine “usual” traffic patterns/behaviors and adjusts in real-time when unusual events take place. The solution allows us to identify, control and mitigate revenue loss due to fraudulent activity on your network.


CDRs are mediated and the system checks for unusual activity every 15 minutes (rule-based limits, traffic patterns control, user behavior analysis, etc.).


We offer a solution as part of daily route provision. Experts from our team will help to set parameters and monitor network health. Proactive actions will be taken to fight fraud, based on customer policy.

Platform Services

S and BTS’ approach is an easier path forward that eliminates CAPEX, reduces OPEX, and drives growth by managing your traffic the most efficient and cost-effective way possible using our advanced Platform Solution. We provide customisable options to manage your business, ranging from complete to partial Managed Services in order to best solve your business needs.

S and BTS provides a complete turnkey solution (on-premise or cloud based) that allows our customers to minimize time spent on back-end processing in order to focus on increasing sales, customer satisfaction and business retention.


• Customers can outsource all or part of their traffic.
• Over 180 Direct routes and 600 interconnects available through S and BTS.
• Mitigate losses due to fraud by using our cutting-edge Anti-Fraud solution.
• Access to extensive reporting and analytics.
• Real time quality management.
• Mobile application to stay in tune with quality, revenue and margin.
• On-going value with greatly reduced CAPEX and predictable OPEX.
• Improve Technology Flexibility.
• 24/7 security, redundancy and recovery.