We offer the industry’s leader and most popular international wholesale voice termination service portfolio.

High-quality fixed and mobile operators require a reliable and well interconnected transit carrier to guarantee the highest voice end-user experience. Operators seek a reliable and constant, high quality offering, using a minimal number of hubs, via extensive direct interconnections.
This high end-user experience is a key differentiator for operators, and delivers minimum churn and maximum ARPU. If you seek a global voice transit solution, which offers a high level of reliability through a dedicated service, S and BTS is the solution.

The voice market is becoming ever more complex, with issues including number portability and increased fraud. We offer you a stable environment for long distance calls, simplifying your traffic management.

We also provide flexible, profitable partnership models that range from managed back-office tools to full management of your voice business to help your business grow.

Our Voice Termination Services comprise of three service levels to meet unique cost and quality objectives, so you always have the service you need. Take advantage of our leading cost and service efficiencies to retain customer loyalty and stay ahead of the curve. We offer three distinct service classes (PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER) to enable you to balance cost and quality depending on your business model. S and BTS has the scale and efficiency to help operators from all segments of the industry succeed with voice termination products that deliver nearly unlimited global footprint, as well as features to fit your requirements.

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