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Our Partner’s Success Drives our Success

S and BTS Global

has the scale and efficiency to cater to operators from all segments of the Telecommunications industry.

Our suite of voice products offers each unique customer the quality/price options needed to achieve their business objectives. Let S and BTS become a trusted partner for your company, now and in the future.

Voice Termination Services

Digital Voice Services

S and BTS offers the opportunity to combine different routing and pricing options and to provide customized solutions, that cater to our customers’ requirements.

Our routing and pricing combinations ensure the best quality of Digital Voice Services to price ratio. The best value for money on each of the over 1,000 fixed and mobile international destinations/breakouts depending on the customer’s needs.

S and BTS is focused on innovation within the industry; creating new products and services to add to our expanding portfolio of Managed Services, Platform Services and also providing solutions for the issues plaguing our industry such as fraud with Antifraud Services.