Big Data Analytics

Massive amounts of data transit through our networks, such data provides clues that S and BTS’ systems use to proactively identify and prevent fraud attempts from even happening, or at least, it provides early detection.


Constant monitoring is processed by an intuitive reporting system, that allows our partners to have on-demand information at their fingertips.


Our systems are set up with customized alerts, based on a set of predefined rules that are set to the partner’s needs and demands or by themselves. The system is powered by our advanced APIs, allowing for ease of integration and customization. As such, it allows for rapid response or blocking when requested.

Constant learning

Behind our technology, the advanced reporting, and the customized alerting system, the core of our solution is founded on the idea of constant learning. Such great amounts of data feed our tool’s AI modules, which are in a permanent learning mode.

10,000+ fraudulent blocked calls a month